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General Information

Joint Stock Company “I.I. Afrikantov OKB Mechanical Engineering” (Nizhny Novgorod, “Rosatom” State Corporation enterprise) uses the advanced technologies and know-how and is the leader in the development of the following power equipment:

• different reactors for various purposes;
• various canned shaft-sealed pumps and gas circulators;
• mechanisms for reactor control and protection;
• heat exchange equipment including high-efficient steam generators for various coolants (water, steam, gas, sodium);
• leaktight control, safety and shut-off valves for various working fluids
• mechanisms and devices for reactor refueling, repair and maintenance;
• means for monitoring and control of power plant parameters.

Customers of “Afrikantov OKBM” products are enterprises of nuclear industry, shipbuilding, fleet and housing and utilities sector.

More than 70-year experience in designing and the high scientific, engineering and manufacturing potential allow “Afrikantov OKBM” to successfully solve scientific and technical problems in the process of developing nuclear power plants and equipment meeting the highest safety and reliability requirements.

Based on research test complex, OKBM can conduct tests of high-pressure vessels, wide range of heat exchange equipment and steam generators for steam of up to 550 ºC and 16 MPa, pumps with capacity to 20000 m3/h, gas circulators, all types of power valves, precise electromechanical equipment, drives, manipulators and other mechanisms for various industries.

The manufacturing complex with modern process equipment allows “Afrikantov OKBM” to fulfill the functions of Prime Manufacturer with respect to any equipment being designed.

“Afrikantov OKBM” participates in the complex program for nuclear ships disposal at the stages of safe holding anchorage with unloaded fuel and spent nuclear fuel unloading. The enterprise ranks as the Leading enterprise in refueling maintenance and is the designer of specialized process equipment. At the same time, Afrikantov OKBM participates in handling of spent nuclear fuel of ship reactors and in development of facilities for its storage and transportation.

Under the conversion policy, “Afrikantov OKBM” has developed a number of plants and equipment for agriculture, biotechnological, chemical and oil-refining industries. OKBM mastered production of 6 to 50 m3/h dairy pumps. OKBM-designed 70 m3/h canned pumps operate successfully in the oil-refining industry. The first national automated plant for molecular distillation (APMD) has been developed and fabricated.

“Afrikantov OKBM” works with foreign companies, cooperates extensively with IAEA, and participates in international conferences and workshops.

“Afrikantov OKBM” is ready to cooperate with the Russian and foreign partners in researches, development and fabrication of high-technology articles for power, transport and other industries.

Director`s Message

For more than 70 years, our enterprise has been creating new equipment, while working in such a complex and science-intensive sphere as nuclear engineering. The effort taken by several generations of our designers, scientists, testing and production engineers resulted in development of a whole range of designs and products that are regarded as the remarkable achievements in the nuclear science and technology. Among them, we can mention the first Russian compressor machines for enriched uranium production, nuclear reactors for plutonium production, reactor plants for the first and other icebreakers, submarines and naval surface ships, fast power reactors. In total, our enterprise took part in development of about 500 nuclear reactors and steam generating plants, a hundred of pieces of critical equipment for the nuclear industry, power industry, Navy and civil fleet.  

OKBM's past and present production achievements originate from high skills, total dedication and loyalty of our employees, reverently keeping our experience and traditions.  Nowadays, together with other enterprises of Rosatom State Corporation, we spare no effort to implement great plans aimed at development of the Russian nuclear industry, while performing the role of the chief designer and single-source manufacturer of reactor plants of various types and applications. Responsibility and reliability, aspiration for innovations and readiness to take on new functions and face any challenge are the virtues that still define our team's work style, its pulsebeat, the type of interactions with our customers and partners, our future plans.  

Keeping the future in mind, we see OKBM's mission in development of new more and more advanced designs and technology, world-class products and services first of all to meet the interests of innovative development of nuclear industry in Russia.   

Our new projects and the Enterprise Development Strategy until 2020 are aimed to meet the challenges. The Strategy provides for stage-by-stage upgrading of our production and experimental base, diversification and larger shipment scopes for operating nuclear power objects and those under construction, active foreign-economic activities.  We are striving to further enhance our competence in nuclear engineering, upgrade production and management processes, raise our operating efficiency and quality of products. For us, this is the pledge of OKBM's steady progress and competitiveness at the domestic and foreign markets of equipment and services for nuclear applications. Being the lead organization in a number of significant reactor equipment spheres, we are absolutely aware of our responsibility for the status and development of nuclear industry in Russia. We believe that our team will make a decent contribution to develop safe and economically efficient nuclear power technology capable of being the basis for steady social and economic progress in Russia and worldwide in the twenty first century.


Dmitry L. Zverev, JSC "Afrikantov OKBM" General Director - General Designer

Quality Management System

In accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015, JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” has established, documented, introduced and maintains a quality management system (QMS).

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The main purpose of the QMS is to ensure effective functioning of interrelated processes and procedures, which are part of the system, in order to achieve the high quality of products and ensure Customer’s satisfaction.

The QMS is applied at all stages of product life cycle, from designing to disposal, and by all company departments involved in product designing, fabrication, delivery, and after-delivery servicing. The highest priority of the QMS at OKBM is provision of safety, reliability and long service life of company’s products.

For the first time OKBM was certified by «TÜV CERT» International Certification Authority, Germany, in 2001. According to certification procedure the certification authority annually conducts supervisory audits. Certification reaudits are carried out every three years.
The next certification audit was conducted by  LLC “Intercertifika-TÜV” in association with “TÜV Thüringen”, Moscow, Russia, accredited composed of “TÜV Thüringen e. V. Certification  Authority” (certification trademark  – «TIC» - TÜV International Certification).
Based on the results of the certification procedure the QMS of JSC “Afrikantov OKBM” has been certified by the international standard EN ISO 9001:2015.

At the end of november 2017, a re-certification audit was carried out as per results of which the auditor signed a resolution to issue a new certificate of conformity of quality management with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

Functioning of the QMS is supported by a complex of regulatory documentation, which includes:
- quality management policy;
- quality management purposes’
- quality manual;
- process maps;
- QMS enterprise standards;
- quality assurance programs for nuclear power objects.

Supervision of QMS operability is ensured through internal audits.
The enterprise applies control procedures necessary to confirm the compliance of product characteristics with the established requirements at all stages of product life cycle. QMS processes are continuously monitored.

The QMS of OKBM is analyzed at regular intervals at different levels. Analyses are performed to evaluate QMS actual condition and compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, and to identify measures aimed at increasing its effectiveness.

Landmarks of OKBM History

The enterprise was founded on December 27, 1945, when the USSR Government Resolution formed the "OKB for design of special machines" on the basis of Gorky Artillery Plant No. 92 to fulfill the tasks under the Soviet "Atomic Project". Beginning from the late 1940's, OKB takes an active part in development of the first production reactors and in the 1950's it participates in development of reactors for the Navy and civil fleet. In 1960, OKBM received the Top State Award, Order of Lenin, for taking part in development of the nuclear power plant for the first in the world civil nuclear ship, the "Lenin" icebreaker.  
In 1963, because the OKB research area and workscopes of reactor development  for various applications had been expanded substantially, the USSR Government made a decision to detach OKB from the Gorky Artillery Plant. January 1, 1964 OKB became an independent organization to be a part of the USSR State Committee for the Use of Nuclear Energy. January 1, 1967, the enterprise received an open name "Experimental Design Bureau for Machine-Building" (OKBM).  
Further on, OKBM was part of the USSR Ministry of Medium Machine Building, Russian Federation Ministry for Atomic Energy, Federal Agency for Atomic Energy. At the present time, JSC Afrikantov OKBM is part of the integrated company JSC Atomenergoprom that consolidates civil assets of the Russian nuclear industry and provides the complete production cycle for nuclear applications ranging from uranium mining to NPP construction and electricity generation. JSC Atomenergoprom is part of the Rosatom State Corporation for Atomic Energy. In 1998, OKBM was named after I.I. Afrikantov, who was OKBM Chief Designer (from 1951) and Head (from 1964 to 1969). In 2004 OKBM was given the status of a Federal Scientific and Production Center (Arckhangelsk Region) by the RF Government Resolution.  
In total about 500 nuclear reactors and steam generating plants, hundreds of pieces of complex process equipment were constructed and successfully operated with our enterprise actively taking part. These achievements were to a great extent related to Academician F.M. Mitenkov's indefatigable creative and organizational activity, who was the OKBM Leader for 28 years (1969 – 1997) and made an enormous contribution to develop the unique experimental and production bases at OKBM. He is the one owing to whom the enterprise became the renowned scientific and production center of nuclear engineering.  In 1990's, the enterprise together with the entire nuclear sphere was living through the hard times of depression when orders were reduced in the civil and military nuclear industry. Facing the growing financial and economic hardships, OKBM leadership had to adopt an adequate business strategy under the new economic conditions. The strategy was based on the active approaching the high-tech market mostly with accomplished, OKBM-manufactured products. The goals were also to expand the research area for nuclear industry and non-nuclear market, active involvement of foreign customers. The program, of which development and implementation is related to the latest OKBM leaders, and V.I. Kostin, was supported by the team and quickly produced the expected results.  
In 2003, new stage began in OKBM's active development and steady growth of its financial and economic performance. The enterprise embarked on the extensive program to restructure and upgrade the production facilities aiming at achievement of new business capabilities and extension of the range of products and services.  
At the present time, OKBM is one of the leading design organizations in Rosatom State Corporation, large scientific and industrial center of nuclear engineering with a versatile design team and its own research, experimental and production base. OKBM scientific and production potential makes it possible to perform all types of activities to develop various reactor plants and the entire range of equipment for them including design documents, required analyses, R&D, manufacturing and testing of experimental samples to master the industrial production technology, fabrication and supervised installation of standard equipment, its preoperational adjustment and comissioning, maintenance of equipment at operating facilities and decommissioning.  
As part of implementation of the Federal Target Program for Development of Nuclear Industry in Russia, OKBM takes an active part in development of a number of next generation power units as the Chief Designer and single-source manufacturer of reactor plants. They include:  
- BN-800 power unit based on the advanced sodium-cooled fast reactor with uranium-plutonium fuel and enhanced nuclear fuel breeding. The 880 MW(e) BN-800 power unit is under construction at the Beloyarsk NPP;
- floating power unit based on the commercially available icebreaker reactor KLT-40S for heat and electric power supply to isolated consumers in remote Northern and Eastern areas of Russia. The 70 MW pilot floating nuclear power unit is currently being constructed at “Baltiysky Zavod” in Saint Petersburg.  
The enterprise also takes an active part in development of other objects for nuclear applications in Russia and abroad, co-operates with IAEA, national laboratories and companies in China, India, USA, Republic of Korea, and France.  
OKBM’s main strength is its employees who possess great experience in development of a wide spectrum of nuclear power engineering devices, unique technologies, original engineering knowledge and solutions. About 4000 people work at OKBM, including over 1600 design engineers, technologists and test engineers. Among the employees, there is two Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 23 Doctors and 72 Candidates of Sciences. OKBM Director's Scientific Advisor, Academician F.M. Mitenkov, was awarded with the international "Global Energy" Prize in 2004 for his immense contribution to the development of physical and technological fundamentals and creation of fast neutron reactors. OKBM was awarded with the Order of Lenin in 1960 and the Order of October Revolution in 1985 for the immense contribution to the development of nuclear technologies.  
The title of Lenin Prize Winner was awarded to 14 OKBM employees, the title of State Prize Winner was awarded to more than 40 employees; 3 employees were awarded with the title of "Hero of Socialist Labor" for the outstanding achievements in the development of new technologies. The title of the "Honored Designer of RF" was awarded to 20 employees.


1945 Government Decree No.390/159 on Establishment of OKB.
1948 First "A" production reactor startup (OKBM is the reactor unloading mechanism designer).
1949 First industrial batch of enriched uranium obtained at the D-1 factory (OKBM is the diffusion machines designer).
1950 Pilot ОК-110 production reactor startup (OKBM is the reactor designer).
1951 First ОК-180 heavy-water reactor startup (OKBM is the reactor designer).
1955 Advanced ОК-26 diffusion machine commercial production for the uranium enrichment plant was started.
1955 ОК-190 production heavy-water reactor startup (OKBM is the reactor designer).
1957 First atomic submarine reactor physical startup (OKBM developed the reactor detailed design and ground-based test facility).
1958 ОК-120 production uranium-graphite reactor startup (OKBM is the reactor designer).
1959 The "Lenin" nuclear ice-breaker was commissioned (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1967 Generation II lead submarines service was started (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1970 Upgraded NSSS operation in the "Lenin" icebreaker was started (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1972 First-in-the-world pilot BN-350 fast neutron reactor physical startup
1975 The "Arktika" nuclear ice-breaker was commissioned (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1977 The "Sibir" nuclear ice-breaker was commissioned (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1980 Physical startup of reactors in the "Kirov" nuclear cruiser (OKBM is the NSSS designer). BN-600 fast neutron reactor physical startup.
1980 First Generation III atomic submarine was commissioned (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1985 The "Russia" nuclear ice-breaker was commissioned (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1987 Advanced L-2 heavy-water reactor physical startup (OKBM is the reactor designer).
1988 The "Sevmorput" nuclear lighter-aboard ship was commissioned (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1989 The "Soviet Union" nuclear ice-breaker was commissioned (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1990 The "Vaygach" nuclear ice-breaker was commissioned (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1992 The "Yamal" nuclear ice-breaker was commissioned (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1996 NSSS protopype with an integrate type reactor was commissioned (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1996 The "Peter the Great" nuclear cruiser was commissioned (OKBM is the NSSS designer).
1998 TVSA fuel assembly operation in the VVER-1000 reactor at the Kalinin NPP was started (OKBM is the fuel designer).
2001 First batch of submerged pumps was commissioned and delivered to the construction site of the Tianwan NPP in China.
2002 Activities on increasing the safety and extending the service life of the АDE-2,4,5 production uranium-graphite reactors.
2003 Blanket components for the ОК-187 М electronuclear neutron generator were commissioned and delivered to SSC RF ITER.
2003 The "Arktika" icebreaker navigation started with an extended service life Nuclear Steam-Supply System (NSSS).
2004 Construction and acceptance tests of the equipment for the CEFR experimental reactor (China) were completed.
2005 Steam generating unit fabrication for Generation IV atomic submarines was completed.
2006 BN-800 reactor construction was recommenced at the Beloyarsk NPP.
2006 Construction of floating power unit based on КLТ-40 RP was started.
2007 Commissioning of nuclear icebreaker "50 Let Pobedy".
2009 First set of TVSA-Ts was supplied to the Temelin NPP, Chech Republic.
2011 Chinese Experimental Fast Reactor (CEFR) was commissioned.
2015 Commissioning of BN-800 reactor at the Beloyarsk NPP.
2016 Packaged delivery of RITM-200 reactor plant equipment for nuclear icebreaker "Arktika".
2017 Extended service life of nuclear icebreaker "Vaigach" reactor plant.


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