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 Special equipment for nuclear industry

Cask reloading machine 
for the Krasnoyarsk Mining and Chemical Combine

Since the 1960s, OKBM has been developing, manufacturing and delivering various types of equipment for reloading nuclear fuel and repairing marine reactors, fast nuclear reactors (including devices for replacement and repair of pumps, heat exchangers, control rod actuators, reloading mechanisms, elevators etc.) and reactor systems of nuclear district heating plants in full compliance with the safety and high technology requirements.
Sets of reloading equipment for warship reactor plants have been developed, manufactured and delivered, which are used to unseal and dismantle reactor covers, unload spent nuclear fuel, load fresh fuel, and perform other maintenance operations.  To optimize fuel handling for KLT-40 reactors, special devices for compact arrangement and transportation of spent nuclear fuel have been developed and delivered.
A refueling complex for the floating power unit with the KLT-40S reactor plant was developed for handling the cassette-type reactor core with the help of a state-of-the-art control system.
A reloading machine for handling fuel casks for small NPPs (ABV) was developed, as well as a reloading complex for in-reactor and ex-reactor fuel transportation for the BOR-60M experimental fast reactor.
Latest developments include: a set of reloading equipment and control rod actuators for CEFR in China; an automated refueling machine and a primary circuit sampling complex for the Rostov NPP; and a cask reloading machine for the Krasnoyarsk Mining and Chemical Combine.
A set of control rod actuators and a complex of equipment (over 100 items) are being developed and fabricated for the BN-800 power unit to ensure handling of fuel assemblies along their entire transfer path inside the nuclear power plant: from fresh fuel storage to spent fuel reprocessing plant or to a solid radwaste storage facility.
Technical documentation was developed for the set of GT-MHR refueling system mechanisms including both stationary mechanisms and those which are temporarily mounted on the reactor during refueling.
JSC "Afrikantov OKBM" is developing equipment and test facilities for inspection of spent fuel assemblies from VVER-1000 reactors at the Kalinin NPP, Balakovo NPP and Ukrainian NPPs.
As a rule, OKBM delivers fuel-handling equipment complete with automatic control systems developed and manufactured at its own facilities.
OKBM has great expertise in developing, manufacturing, testing and follow-on of control rod actuators, including passive emergency protection means, for all OKBM-developed reactor plant types.

 Pumps, Heat exchangers, Valves

Main circulating pump
for fast neutron CEFR reactor in China

OKBM possesses many years’ experience in development of the following types of nuclear power equipment:
• Circulating pumps of various types and applications, blowers, compressors.
• Heat-exchange equipment and steam generators of enhanced efficiency for various coolants (water, sodium, gas).
• Leak-tight control, safety and stop valves.
• Mechanisms for reactor control and protection systems.
• Vessel structures and high-pressure vessels.
• Power plant instrumentation and control systems.
• Sensors for monitoring physical characteristics and process parameters in nuclear power plants.
OKBM-developed equipment possesses high safety and reliability at minimum operating costs. The assigned service life of main equipment for nuclear icebreaker power plants (main circulation pumps, primary circuit valves, reactor control rod actuators, steam generators) is 60 to 100 thousand hours, but its actual operating time has now exceeded 180 thousand hours and it is still in operation.
OKBM is a single-source manufacturer of equipment for the BN-800 reactor plant and the first floating nuclear co-generation plant, KLT-40S. It also supplies thermal-mechanical equipment for NPPs under construction and in operation in Russia and other countries.
In 2002-2008, OKBM manufactured and delivered a set of equipment for the Chinese Experimental Fast Reactor (CEFR). More than 150 units of pumping equipment were delivered to the Tianwan NPP in China; 37 pumps were delivered to Kudankulam NPP in India. The BN-3800-20 booster pumps were delivered to the Balakovo NPP, Volgodonsk NPP, Kalinin NPP and Novovoronezh NPP. Aggregates for scheduled and emergency cool-down and ventilation equipment were delivered to Rostov NPP Unit 2 under construction.
OKBM performs an immense scope of work to develop standard pump and ventilation equipment for NPPs and to upgrade various thermal-mechanical equipment pieces currently operating in Russian NPPs. OKBM also carries out developments that are intended to replace imported equipment for NPPs under construction.


 Non-nuclear sector of economy

Using the experience gained in the nuclear power, OKBM successfully solves problems associated with adaptation of its traditional products to the needs of various sectors of the national economy including oil-and-gas, as well as chemical industries.
With this purpose, OKBM has developed a parametric series of leak-tight electric pumps to transport various explosive and inflammable fluids (hydrocarbons, liquefied gas, gasoline, phenol, lubricating oils, etc.). The offered pumps provide high performance: the assigned running time without repair and dismantling is 40 thousand hours; service life is 20 yeas; the pumps are capable of long time operation without maintenance and repair.
High-pressure valves of various sizes and types have also been developed. The OKBM-made valves successfully operate at chemical combines producing carbamide.


 Fans for NPPs

Axial Fans For NPPs

Radial Fans For NPPs

Transportable Filter Plant