Training of Young Specialists Print

Over many years, the task of training young engineers for OKBM has been solved at the specialized Institute of Nuclear Power and Nechnical Physics of the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University (NSTU). The INP&TP was formed in 2008 on the basis of the Physical and Technical Department of NSTU, which was originally founded in 1962 through the initiative of OKBM Chief Designer I.I. Afrikantov supported by academicians A.P. Alexandrov and A.I. Leypunsky. OKBM-NSTU relationship in the sphere of personnel training is regulated by the "Agreement on cooperation in the sphere of education, science and personnel training".

INP&TP annually enrolls students for the following specialties:

  • Nuclear electric plants and installations;
  • Nuclear reactor and power plants;
  • Thermal stations.

In 2007, a basic chair “Designing of nuclear plants” was established in OKBM. This chair is intended for target training of specialists in the field of designing and operation of nuclear power plants in accordance with the specific tasks being solved by OKBM. Students of the basic chair are trained as per an established curriculum by the teaching personnel consisting of leading specialists from  OKBM and tutors from INP&TP. Activities of the basic chair are supervised by OKBM Deputy Directors and Chief Designers in accordance with their specialties.

 In 2008, a separate “Post-graduate Studies Department” was established in OKBM. The main objective of this department is to train specialists with the highest qualification: candidates of sciences with excellent expertise in the area of nuclear plants and nuclear reactor building for development of reactor plant designs competitive in the world nuclear reactor market.

 Starting with the fourth year of studies, the students of INP&TP are allowed to perform practical training sessions on SRTC test facilities, undergo practical training and in-depth study courses and, afterwards, prepare their course and graduation projects.

 Young specialists who come to work in OKBM have an opportunity of getting an interesting creative job, improving their qualifications, and quick professional growth.

  Since 2001, 500 young specialists, graduates of various higher education institutions of Nizhny Novgorod, have been employed by OKBM. A competition for the title of the "best young engineer" is held annually. Its winners get promotions and salary increase.
 The Young Specialists' Council participates in scientific and technical seminars, arranges trips of young specialists to conferences and seminars, and organizes post-graduate education and professional development training courses.